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Announcements + Updates

Hello peasants!

For updates:

I wanted to give a quick update to everyone to let them know that the website has been updated to reflect the more recent readathons. If you scroll to the bottom of any of the "big" readathons, you'll find a new button stating "Posts". This will have the link to either the blog posts or the original page for the readathon at the time of its posting. This is more to find historical data.

I also added the link to the patreon at the bottom of the page, and removed the contact box as it's not needed nor is it used.

For announcements:

You may see me start referring to years 1-4 as Act One. This is because, as the readathon gets larger with more years, it will be easier to consolidate pages into Acts vs. individual years. My plan is to leave the individual pages up, but the menus will start to reflect "Act One" and "Act Two" for future readathon events.

There are updates to things coming for patrons and their tiers over on the patreon itself. View that here.

I have new stickers and such in the works, stay on the lookout for those.

General Housekeeping:

I am still working on moving the old clearursht timeline over to this website. It's a huge undertaking for me, but the timeline was fun to make and I want to make sure it doesn't get lost forever. I promise it will be super cool when it's done, but it's a lot of work!

Also, as always, please read the FAQ.



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