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  • First and Foremost: There Are No Rules
    The number one rule with this readathon is: No really, you can whatever you like. If it gets your TBR down, if it gets a list you made up down, if it gets your owned unread down- you can do it. It's allowed. Skip a prompt. Read a library book. Steal a book from a troll under a bridge and owe your life to the fae, whatever you want. Dream big.
  • Does this book count?
    Did you read the first Q&A? If you're asking this question, then you did not. Go look at that and come back. Did you do that? If you did and you're still wondering if your book counts: it counts. I don't care what it is. If you ask Narrator again, I think she'll destroy you.
  • How does the big readathon work? I don't get it!
    The big readathon happens between November 1st to December 31st. Three prompts are posted every week with a story connected to it. However, all the prompts are listed ahead of time to prepare your TBR. You're also given character cards to customize. These choices determine what happens for the surprise prompts. If you don't like the idea of surprise prompts, skip them. Making up your own weapons, weaknesses and strengths, though- will result in consequences such as Narrator being mean to you about it.
  • How do I sign up? Am I too late?
    As this is not a competition, you can join by simply starting. You can tell us on twitter or join discord, or do none of those things and do it on your own time. Some people even do the prompts a full year later. It’s entirely up to you, there are no bonus points or awards for participating and telling us about it, but we do enjoy hearing about your thoughts.
  • Why is it taking so long for someone to answer my question?
    This readathon is run by two individuals and one moderator in three different time zones. We all work full time, as well as run this event. Please be patient with us! I highly recommend asking a question in our discord, as the community is really helpful in that regard.
  • How do I find the discord?
    Go here.
  • Wait, I'm still lost!
    You’re welcome to ask the Narrator on Twitter, or reach out on discord! I don’t promise that the Narrator is going to be nice, especially if your questions can be answered by doing a little more research on your end. But others participating in the readathon are very helpful!
  • Can I do this readathon in any way that best gets my lists/tbrs/owned unread books down?
  • Can I combine or double up prompts?
  • Can I interpret this prompt as *insert literally anything you want here*
  • Can I skip a prompt?
  • Do I have to follow the schedule/do it in an order/etc?
  • Do I have to do the side quests?
  • Do I have to make TBR?
  • Do I have to use books I actually own?
  • How is the mini readathon different?
    It's in a bingo board format, with either a free space or a surprise prompt within the free space. It's also considerably shorter, and is usually more of a side quest, or side story, to the main plot.
  • How long does the mini readathon last?
    From the beginning of June to the end of June!
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