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a readathon

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About Clearursht

a readathon to clear your tbr

clearursht came about after one of the Creators noticed how many readathons seemed to make readers buy more books, instead of reading the things they already owned, or already planned to read. After talking it over, Andee and Art joined forces to create the readathon and its main characters. Shelfa and Narrator were born, and the rest is history.

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Past Readathons

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The Beginning

Narrator was hired by the Wizard to gather peasants on a quest to stop the library witch from further injuring everyone in Shelfla!

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Into the Stacks

After being resurrected, you're sent into a set of books that you have to try and escape out of.

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A Resurrection

After the Wizard betrayed you all and killed you, Narrator and the Library Witch team up to resurrect you.

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Meet the characters

Narrator and Ariadne are here to help (well, not Narrator)

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