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CUS 3.5 | Part 1

Welcome back, peasants. We've found ourselves in an interesting position, back at the Graves Coven. It seems we'll be working with Ariadne's former "family" to ensure our battle with the wizard goes well. While most of her coven is made up of necromancy fanatics, some work in divination.

Which has brought us here, to a tarot reading.

I'm not sure I believe in all this divination nonsense, especially from a group who tried to revive the dead and got me, from a whole other universe, but beggars can't be choosers I suppose.

Our diviner (Ariadne told me to stop calling her a scam artist...I'm unsure if I'll be able to do that...) has flipped our first card and got the card I think represents all of you the most...

The Fool

The Diviner holds this card with a clever smirk on her face, and she looks at all of you peasants with more hope than I ever will.

"The fool represents many things, hopeful beginnings, even. Perhaps you acquired books before this event, one quite recently, despite knowing the goals we have for you." While the diviner still looks kind, her words hold weight to them. Perhaps she's calling all of you idiots for buying books when you have an entire stack of them waiting to be read, or perhaps she's just saying this is the beginning of something new to learn from. I still think she's a scam artist, but you are all fools.

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