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CUS 3.5 | Part 3


The next card turned causes the diviner to smirk, looking between Ariadne and I as though she knows something we don't. Which would be ridiculous, the Narrator should know everything, and I'm getting exhausted by this no longer being the case in this story. Ariadne is giggling to herself over this card, and I can't seem to roll my eyes hard enough to make her stop that.

"The lovers, generally signifying a union of some kind, usually clarified by the cards around it." She ponders on this, and continues, "It would always mean friendship, of course, not necessarily romantic." She eyes Ariadne and I, and I refuse to react to this scam artist. "It seems teamwork will be necessary for progress on this mission. Your companionship with each other will be important, no matter what kind of companionship it may be."

Ariadne may love this news, but I deeply do not. I would like to actually complete this mission and move on, maybe to a new universe! Maybe away from all of you for the rest of my life!

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