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CUS 3.5 | Part 4


Another card is turned, a frown showing on the diviners face. The skeleton on the card looks similar to the signature one I use, so I'm not sure why she seems so concerned about this card. Seems like a perfectly good card to me.

"The death card. This could mean a number of could, Narrator, it could represent the end of a journey, the completion of something. It would also outright death." She shrugs, which doesn't seem like a good answer to her statement, "This one is a card with too many meanings to extract the future from."

Which I think truly confirms that this is a scam artist. I think my point has been proven. Ariande and I, and all of you, can go now and prepare for our journey, thank you. Oh, Ariadne is saying we're just taking a break. Well, that's disappointing.

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