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CUS 3.5 | Part 7

the star

Star rolls her shoulders back and gives a bright smile to you peasants, "Here's hoping this one's bad luck doesn't spread to the rest of the reading, right?" She's beaming at all of you, and even Ariadne has a laugh. I resent this comment. I don't know why I'm considered the bad luck here when it's clearly all of you peasants fault that we still haven't finished this journey.

She flips the card and her smile gets even bigger, "The Star! This is my favorite card, if you couldn't guess why!" No, it never occurred to me that you would love a tarot card with your name...what a surprise...

"This card shows things like hope, new life and renewal after something really difficult! It's a great card to have after the Tower, definitely. That means no matter what happens, things will renew and always look up!" Ariadne and Strawberry Bot give happy nods, but I can't help but wonder what new life could mean. I've been revived once, I don't think I want to do it again.

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