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clearursht y4: week 1


Welcome back, peasants. If you forgot, the Wizard - who owes me money, and compensation for the emotional distress of dealing with all of you - has kidnapped Ariadne's mother. Now, I don't care for the witch, but Ariadne hasn't addressed her mom issues in therapy yet, and she wants to save the coven mother. Plus, we don't want all witches banned from doing their jobs, and it seems that's the kind of takeover the high Wizard has planned. We're going to go save her mom, and all of Shelfla. Lets hope you don't all fuck it up this time.

The tarot reader said we should look to the stars for how to go about this, and she gave us a map of stars. As one of our creators is a gemini, we're starting with that one.


Allegedly a two faced sign, it feels fair to start you peasants off with a two sided question. Who is the Wizard, and why does he care? This seems to be the question haunting Ariadne the most, and perhaps, when we discover the answer, we'll make things seem whole...

Well, I've clearly been talking to the tarot card witch too much, lets give you a real start, shall we?

You are travelling back the road once travelled before, the road back to the Shelfla castle from the Library Witch's tower. We have been here before. The journey is long, but you all think you are very brave. I disagree, but, no one asked me.

Read a book with two main characters


Yet another sign of duality, encompassing the two main characters in our story, two halves of a....

Did you think I would call Ariadne and I two halves a whole? Did I get your hopes up? Foolish.

As you round the bend, you see the remains of the boss battles won 4 years ago. You wonder at your growth and worry that you will still struggle to make important decisions as time continues on. You probably will, you're all not that smart.

Let someone choose between two books for you.


The sign everyone thinks is a water sign, but I know well enough that it is not. Charming, yet know it all energy, much like many of you who ask me questions that are already answered on the FAQ and then argue with me about what they may mean...I digress.

We are coming up on a familiar place, as we walk through the path we took in 2020. I hope you all are prepared for what’s coming.

Read a fantasy book or a book with fantasy like aspects

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