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clearursht Y4: Conclusion

The Power of Love distracted the Wizard while Lady Graves and Star began casting spells. The teeth group gathered together and worked with Lady Graves to use the old mouth bones to create weapons, chattering teeth gathering around the Wizard. He attempted to blast them back, but to no avail. The group with several rocks named Carl worked with the fanny pack group, creating strange weighted bags to hit the Wizard over the head with. After some time, all of you managed to subdue the Wizard. As he lay, breathing heavily, Ariadne approached him.

"All you had to do was be a supportive parent. Not all of this." She says this sadly, and with a wave of her hand, the Wizard is turned into a small book. She picks him up, and looks at the mess around her.

"Will you be coming back to the coven, then?" Her mother asks her.

Ariadne thinks on this, and looks at me, and all of you peasants. This has been a journey for her, more than just a task to defeat the books. she hands the Wizard turned book to her mother, and shakes her head.

"No, Mother. I think that perhaps it's time to leave Shelfla. Time for a new story, a new universe, maybe."

Her mother nods gravely, understanding this path. Ariadne gathers herself and Strawberry Bot, and heads towards her tower, where a ship awaits her.

"Narrator, Delilah." She says, turning back to me. "Will you be coming with me?" There is a gentle maturity to her voice, one that says more than her words are saying. She holds a hand out to me, and gives me a soft smile.

"Well. You're too damn nice to survive the universe by yourself, so of course I'm coming. If anything to make up for my financial loss the last four years." I reach for her hand, and with care...

I slap it out of the way and head out the door, leading you idiots to Ariadne's tower.

What, did you all expect a love confession? Grow up. I'll see you in 2024.

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