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clearursht Y4: week 9

Water signs, collectively

You finally find Lady Graves and she looks quite worn after a year missing. She still resembles Ariadne, though, to some extent. The one of you who managed to pick the lock to get to this area does the same with her cell, and you free her. She looks at you all gravely and with an irritated sigh, notes: "This was the best you could gather to rescue me? Really, Ariadne, I would expect you to have less...idiotic looking allies. They've got rocks and teeth and...what is that you are wearing around your waist? What is that supposed to be?"

While I normally would agree with anyone being completely correct about how useless all of you are, she's also being mean to Ariadne, so I am on your side this time peasants. If we wanted to go ahead and kill her, I would let that happen- oh, Ariadne said not to let that happen. I suppose she will live, for now.

Lets go find that wizard.

Read an emotionally intense or character driven books

Free space

We wander the halls further, looking for where the Wizard may be residing. You don't know where the king and queen are, and the castle feels eerily empty. As you wander, you prepare. Lady Graves informs you all of the wizard's weaknesses, as though she knows him more intimately than anyone would guess. Have you all come to the same conclusion that I have? On who our strawberry scented Library Witch's father may be?

Boss Battle

As we enter the Wizard's halls, you see him sitting upon a throne. He's not the king, so that's...something. The following conversation unfolds, so listen closely.

"I see you have finally made it to my home. I've been waiting." The Wizard sneers.

I am fully prepared to serve him lawsuit papers for not paying me but I suppose that can wait.

"You did all of this, and for what?" Lady Graves asks, irritated that she has to be here.
"You took my child, and you took our research, and you claimed it all for yourself!" He stands, and he looks like a weak little man with a complex, honestly.
"Ariadne was better with me than with you, you power hungry little worm."
"You never would have loved me, even if I was a worm. I couldn't let you have the power and the control of Shelfla."

(Did he actually say the worm part, of am I making that up? I'm the narrator, so I guess you'll never know.)

"I never wanted the control of Shelfla! I wanted the research. You made this a power play. We could have done great things together, but you were too insecure. So you what, sabotage your daughter? Who wasn't even in this fight? She left the coven to be a librarian and you sabotaged her to spite me?" Lady Graves continues to move closer to him, her frustration palatable.
"That seems like an appropriate way to interact with my daughter, yes."
"You're a pathetic fool."


"If I'm so pathetic, then how have I wasted all of your time for four years?"
"Because the peasants you hired were equally pathetic? Truly wizard, I don't know what you expect here."
"I expect all of your deaths! Permanently this time!"

Oh, I suppose it's time for that final boss battle.

  • The Power of Love: read a romance, or a book with a pink or red cover

  • Teeth: read a book that you can't wait to sink your teeth into

  • A rock with googly eyes (named Carl): read a book with a sidekick or familiar

  • A Fanny Pack: read a book you could fit into a fanny pack (if digital, can you fit your device in a fanny pack?)

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