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clearursht Y4: week 2

Air Elements

The air element - fitting as we come nearer to one of your very first mini boss battles. Do you remember how I sold your weaknesses to them, in hopes that we would end this journey early?

Reminisce on this, and how one of the first quests was to read a small book- I give you that quest again.

Read a lightweight book, and hope it keeps your footsteps quiet.

Air Signs

You all gather around the air signs you know, wondering why they are the first to go for this journey. You consider their perspectives, and your own. The cryptic story parts will come to a close as we come to our first stop, and perhaps we'll get through the first mini boss unscathed.

Read a book with multiple perspectives

Free Space

I can hear the faeries up ahead, do you think you were clever enough? smart enough? fast enough? Do you think you can get by them without them noticing? They still remember how you smelled in 2020, what's stopping them from sniffing you out now?

You all take a rest to determine your next steps.

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