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clearursht Y4: week 3

Mini Boss

Oh look, who is surprised? It's the faeries. Did I tell them your strengths again? Set you up for failure? Maybe. Okay okay, you caught me, I did. I was hoping it would get Ariadne out of this quiet slump she's been in, but it seems she doesn't even have it in her to yell at me. Your loss, though, because I made good money selling your strengths to the fae so they could get revenge on you from last time.

Well-Read: Read a book that feels like it could be multiple genres

Shelfla’s Disappointment: Read a book you've been putting off for more than a year

Book Realist: Your choice - read your shortest book or your longest book.

Recommendation Master: Read a book someone ELSE recommended for you.

If none apply, pick a book at random.


What a surprise, you survived. I don't know why I even try at this point to kill any of your off. You simply will not stay down. I would almost be impressed, if I was into that kind of thing. Well, we are getting closer and closer to the castle. Perhaps you should put on something aesthetically pleasing to wear or pick a nice book to read. Take a break, or something. We're coming up on a meadow, and that seems relaxing.

Read a book with an aesthetically pleasing cover


As all of you peasants travel along the winding path back to the place you were once hired, consider the tasks ahead. Do they feel stressful to you? Would you like me to lower the stakes? Or should we raise them? For this part of the story, it's up to you. But please know, foolish peasants, I do only mean this part.

either or - read a high stress/stakes or low stress/stakes books

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