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clearursht Y4: week 8


As you wander the halls of the castle, you discover a locked door. One of you is useful enough to get us through that door, and in it, is a large aquarium. There are many creatures in this aquarium, ranging from fantastical to the standard fare from the universe I once lived in. You peasants wander a moment, until you come upon a sign: Prisoners

I suppose this is where you might find Ariadne's mother.

Read a book with fish or ocean themes


The hall the door leads you through is long, but the aquarium continues through it as though there is no wall to separate them. You expect this hall to eventually take you to a standard prison holding, but instead, you find more aquariums. These are separated from the aquarium as a whole, and you can't help but wonder who is held here. You press your faces up to the glass, hoping to see something in the deep, darkness that these tanks are made out of. You see movement, but what is it?

read a book with a mystery in it

Water Element

Sharp teeth are all you see at first, and then you see the scales, and the long hair. The mermaids move so quickly that you jump back from the aquarium - this was not what you expected. It also is not Ariadne's mother. Star presses a hand to the tank, a deep concern on her face for these poor creatures trapped here. She shakes her head solemnly and sighs.

"Your mother is further down this hall, these are here mostly to scare people off. Perhaps we can get them back home, when all this is done."

You carry on down the hall, still jarred by what you saw.

Read a book with a blue cover

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