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CUS 3.5 | Part 5

magician, priestess

Ariadne and I are waiting with Strawberry Bot, and she's simultaneously checking in on all of you peasants. Making sure you're alright, that you're hydrated, that you're not reading too far into the prompts...which we all know you are.

While she's doing that, Strawberry Bot and I are playing with the cards. I know we shouldn't but I'm still the Narrator, and I'll make the rules where I want to. I make you peasants chose a card, which one will you chose?

The magician? You've chosen me. Congratulations, the obviously correct choice. Popping in and out of life like a rabbit in a hat, that's me.

Or did you pick the Priestess? A card that could be strawberry scented like the weirdo making sure you're all doing okay. She holds the magic of the world, unlike the Magician who enacts the magic of the world. Or something.

It's all a scam, probably, anyway.

Our break is ending, it's time to finish out this reading so we can really prepare for the journey in November.

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