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CUS 3.5 | Part 6


We have a new Diviner now, this one seeming to know Ariadne more closely. They're more similar to one another, giggly, sweet looking. Disgusting, I hate it. She arrived in a blur of tulle and glitter with cupcakes, and you'd think Ariadne and Strawberry Bot just experienced a resurrection... again.

She settles in with lavender shaded cards, a stark difference from the black and gold of the previous diviner. "I'm Star, and I'll be finishing up your reading for you!" Her name cannot be Star, I will not be calling her that. That is not a real name.

She flips the first card over and immediately the sun seems to stop shining on her face, her eyes darkening. "Oh dear, well, this isn't a very good first card to draw!" She gives Ariadne a wary smile, as if they're in on some secret that I'm not included on- which is ridiculous. "Well the tower can represent everything changing. Everything in your life, your traditions and values. It's a large upheaval and it's pretty unavoidable! But sometimes towers need to come down so we can grow as people! Which I think is the important thing to focus on!"

I don't. But she can try and put a positive spin on this, if it helps her sleep at night, I suppose.

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