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CUS 4.5 Part 1 & 2

Part One:

hiii everyone. I’m Star,

I met all of you wonderful little things last summer when I was reading your cards for you!

Our sweetie Narrator is busy pretending she doesn’t want to be here, so I’m doing her job this year. I hope you trust me with this very important task the way Narrator definitely also does. She definitely knows that I am doing this. :)

Anyways! We are trying to find a new planet to help save! Just like all of you did with Shelfla. And you did save Shelfla, no matter what any grouchy old spirit may tell you. The ship we’re on was built by the cutest Library Witch this century, and we have Strawberry Bot on board too. I don’t know how they managed to fit all of us on this ship, but here we are. Let’s have the best trip yet!

Okay, I’ll talk to you again soon!

Part Two:

Okay babies, welcome back to Super Star’s turn at Narrating. Ariadne needs all of you to work together through your reading to help send out a signal from our ship to all the surrounding planets and solar systems.

If we can catch a planet’s SOS signal, then we can find them, and save them, and be heroes again!

Ariadne is super smart and using your reading as a way to power the signal seems like it’ll work. Unless, of course, you don’t read. Which I think you have a history of doing or something? lol I don’t know but that’s what Narrator said when Ariadne suggested it. They definitely got into a tiff about that but Ariadne won the argument. Hope you guys prove Ariadne right. Or we’ll just be floating in space forever! Which wouldn’t be very fun!

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