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CUS 4.5: Parts 3 & 4

Part 3:

So, bad news. Narrator wants all of us to clean, and that actually means she wants all of you to clean. Not me, I don't clean, that's very much not my job. But you all are probably not even supposed to be on this ship, so time for you to get to cleaning! Do you have books on cleaning? Surely you all have something you could use here that would help you clean...Narrator said you have just a few days to get this done so, good luck.

Part 4:

Quick emergency babies! Strawberry Bot seems to be dying? Narrator and Ariadne are not awake yet, and he is throwing errors. I'm going to need all of you to go through all of Ariadne's files to figure out how we fix him. I'm pretty sure if Strawberry Bot dies, Narrator will personally strangle all of us one by one. I think he might be the only thing that Narrator has ever cared about, probably, except Ariadne, but I didn't say that. Okay?


SB: Beep

Star: Strawberry bot???? Are you okay???

SB: beep beep

Star: Okay, well. It seems like perhaps, nothing was wrong with Strawberry Bot. And this may have just been for attention.

SB: angry beep

Star: I'm not calling you a liar, I'm just saying that maybe this was just for attention. I don't know!! Narrating is really hard!

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