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CUS Y4.5: Parts 5, 6, & 7

Part 5:

I guess we should get back to me actually narrating and not bossing all of you around to do chores, or something.

Ariadne has been hard at work on her little computer thingy, and we finally have received a signal from a new world. It looks like you all have another place that you'll need to save. Hopefully it doesn't take three years this time! Did I sound like Narrator just then?

This new world looks like someone has decided to make it a rule that you're not allowed to read books you own. They're all forced to collect their books, but never read them. Imagine if you were told you weren't allowed to read your books, instead of just voluntarily not reading them!

Part 6:

Narrator and Ariadne has been stewing over the signal, and working hard day and night to find where this planet is. At least, I guess that's what they're doing at night. I don't really know. I just know they're awake. Weird, right? They're probably arguing about how Narrator doesn't care about anyone or something.

The planet has been located, though, and we are headed that direction. Looks like we'll be finding a new home!

Part 7:

Okay, a free space means we get to gather around, and do something fun. It probably doesn't mean this, but I decided that it means this. So you are all cordially invited to family dinner with me, mom and dad (Ariadne and Narrator, duh), and our little kid brother (Strawberry Bot. Keep up.)

Bring your best dish, your best outfit, or like...your best selves! Or something! I think it'll be a fun time! And no one will yell at me for this fun little dinner! Narrator, that last part was for you, specifically.

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