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clearursht Y4: week 6


Star has decided to follow all of you, chattering endlessly with Ariadne and you peasants about Shelfla. She is teaching some of you about the plant life, and where the best places to buy pastries are. Ariadne still is quiet, and she loves shopping. The silence from the usually bubbly library witch feels deafening, and you wonder what she is hoping to learn on this journey.

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Fire Element

We pass a house with a red roof, and Star points it out to Ariadne. "This is where you were born, before the coven had it's own halls. Your mother and father were happy, until, well- you know how people can be when they think they found the secrets of the universe."

Well THAT'S not cryptic at ALL. Who let this person follow us around? Can we get rid of her?

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Fire Signs

As we move closer to the castle, Ariadne does finally ask Star what she meant about the secrets of the universe.

"The one that brought you your tall...scary friend, there." She nods at me, and I have to say, scary is a wonderful thing to describe me as. I will be taking this as a compliment. Star continues, though, despite me thinking that maybe she should be done now after complimenting me, and maybe she should still go away. "Your mom got so into her work that she sort of...shut your dad out. Lady Graves is wonderful and smart, don't get me wrong, but she is a bit...single minded. And your father was...jealous? Maybe? He went the political route. I guess. I don't know how that works, really."

This seems like an interesting topic to be eaves dropping on but, we have made our way to the castle doors, and I think the time for gossip has ended.

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