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Clearursht Y4: Prompts

  • Gemini: Read a book with two main characters

  • Libra: Let someone choose between two books for you

  • Aquarius: Read a fantasy book or a book with fantasy like aspects

  • Air Element: Read a lightweight book

  • Air Signs: Read a book with multiple perspectives

  • Free Space

  • Mini Boss: Strengths

  • Taurus: Read a book with an aesthetically pleasing cover

  • Virgo: either or - read a high stress/stakes or low stress/stakes book

  • Capricorn: read a book with a character with lots of ambition

  • Earth Element: Read a heavyweight book

  • Earth Signs: Read a book with a brown, green, or earthy feeling cover

  • Side Quest: Read a book from one of Rachel Aaron's DFZ series (three series to choose from!)

  • Aries: Read a book with a child in it

  • Leo: Read a book with an animal in it

  • Sagittarius: read a book you feel will teach you something

  • Fire Element: Read a book with a red cover

  • Fire Signs: Read a book that was a "hot topic" at any time

  • Mini Boss: Weaknesses

  • Free space

  • Cancer: Read a book with a mom character in it

  • Pisces: Read a book with fish or ocean themes

  • Scorpio: read a book with a mystery in it

  • Water Element: Read a book with a blue cover

  • Water signs: Read an emotionally intense or character driven book

  • Free Space

  • Boss Battle: Weapons

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