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clearursht Y4: week 4


Well well, what do we have here- the scam artist named Star. She seems to want our attention. Should we talk to her? Ambitious little thing, she is. I can't stand her, so if you all wanted to move on with your tasks and simply ignore her, I would support that path. You all think on it and I will glare at her from behind you.

read a book with a character with lots of ambition

Earth Element

You all have decided to talk to Star? Why? I can't stand any of you. As you approach Star, she claps her hands excitedly.

"Oh friends! I was hoping to catch all of you before you got to the Castle. I was really hoping to catch Ariadne, but I'm glad to have all of you here too. The question I have could be quite a heavy one, so perhaps you should all take a seat?" You choose a large book to sit on, and await Star's question.

"Ariadne, dear, did your mother ever tell you who your father is?"

Read a heavyweight or your longest book

Earth Signs

Ariadne hesitates, and we can all see the confusion on her face. Ariadne, dearest, do you know where babies come from?

She does not appreciate my asking this.

"No, Star, she did not deem that important information for me to have."

"Well, you should be thinking about it. It may help you with all of this."

Peasants, I think we can all agree that perhaps I was right this whole time, and Star is a scam artist who doesn't know anything. That is a terrible way of saying you have a secret and not telling the person. I suppose we can settle into the grass here, and see if she has any other nonsense to spout.

Read a book with a brown, green, or earthy feeling cover

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