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clearursht Y4: week 5

Side Quest

As we begin to head towards the next part of our journey, we come across a vendor. Is this the same vendor we met the first time we travelled this path? She says if we read these books for her, she'll give us healing potions. This is up to you, of course, dear peasants, but I would take the deal if I were you.

Read a book from one of Rachel Aaron's DFZ series (three series to choose from!)


You begin to approach the village surrounding the castle, and some of you recall being children here, long before we started this journey. To imagine, all of you idiot peasants, with so much potential to one day be great...

and instead you all decided to test my patience for FOUR YEARS and buy books you won't read. Incredible. Truly.

Read a book with a child in it


We pass a local circus, magical animals on display. You all want to stop and take a look, and I have to remind you that we are on a rescue mission. Let's go, peasants, we have to save Ariadne's mother. Nothing seems out of the ordinary in the village, which should be suspicious, since the Wizard should be expecting us...and yet. Oh well, on we go.

Read a book with an animal in it

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